Act to Permit Virtual Business Meetings, Bill No. 138

Bill No. 138 was introduced to the House of Assembly for its first reading on April 6, and seeks to update the Companies Act, Condominium Act, Co-operative Associations Act, and Societies Act to permit meetings by electronic and telephonic means. Bill No. 138 is currently being considered as the former Direction of the Minister under a Decaled State of Emergency (Section 14 of the Emergency Management Act) issued on April 11, 2020, was removed on March 21st, 2022.

This act to permit virtual business meetings intends to cement the ongoing need to establish electronic, telephonic, or hybrid meetings as valid meetings under the Nova Scotia Companies Act, as well as theĀ Co-Operative Associations Act and Societies Act. Validating these additional means of communication beyond the current requirements will allow organizations to adapt their governance strategy to not only cope with the obstacles associated with COVID-19, but to benefit from integrating technology already present within the modern business environment.

Bill No. 138: