Patterson Law Retains Martin & Associates
for Mass Shooting Cases

Associated Areas of law

Patterson Law represents the families of the shooting victims of April 18-19, 2020, as well as others who have suffered losses as a result of the shooting spree in two class action lawsuits. Patterson Law will also represent all but three of the families in the upcoming Public Inquiry into the shooting spree.

To assist our ongoing efforts, Patterson Law has retained the prominent criminal investigation firm Martin & Associates Investigations to provide expertise in the subject matter of police command procedure, crime scene analysis, police investigation procedures and any associated issues.  Patterson Law welcomes Tom Martin, with 30 years of experience in criminal investigation as a former member of the Halifax Regional Police and 9 years conducting investigations in the private sector.  We look forward to having Martin & Associates as part of our team.

In order to establish and provide evidence which supports this action, it is crucial to have a truly independent body thoroughly review and further investigate various components of the investigation that was conducted by the RCMP.  The Martin & Associates investigative team has the knowledge and experience not only in homicide investigations, but also in the proper methods used when conducting major and sensitive cases of this complexity and magnitude.

I (Rob Pineo) have a working history with Martin & Associates and Patterson Law has every confidence in their abilities, independence, and professionalism. The sole purpose of this Investigative Review is to uncover the truth; truth for the families and truth for the general public. To this end, all steps will be taken to identify the whole truth of what occurred on April 18th and 19th of this year.

In our attempts to solicit information and any evidence that may be in the public sphere, Martin & Associates has established a Facebook Tip Page which is titled “NS Mass Shooting Tip Page.”

We ask that any member of the public that has any information, documentation, photos, or video footage please contact Martin & Associates directly on their Facebook Tip Page, by email at, or by phone at 902-259-3090.

If an individual wishes to remain anonymous, there is a direct link on the Martin & Associates Website ( where the information and files can be provided securely.

LINK TO: Portapique Class Action Page