Patterson Law Welcomes Goodman MacDonald to Family

A good fit means great things for our clients.

When it comes time to expand, the most important first step is finding the right partners. Partners that seamlessly align with your own values and goals. With Goodman MacDonald Law, we’ve found that partner. And we’re confident that we couldn’t be taking that first step in a finer pair of shoes. Patterson Law is proud to welcome Goodman MacDonald Law to our family. Based in New Glasgow, partners Rick Goodman Q.C., Greg MacDonald Q.C., Tim Daley Q.C., and their staff, bring decades of combined experience to their practice. The values exhibited by their firm – integrity, dedication to client service, high standards of professionalism, and openness to new challenges—are the same as those we embrace at Patterson. Combining our resources means that the exceptional depth of experience and high level of service we bring to our clients, will not only continue, but improve. The bar was already set high. We’ve just raised it.