Supporting young athlete development: Truro Skate with a Champion 2016

Patterson Law is helping bring Canada’s figure skating champions to the feet of young skaters in Atlantic Canada. And it feels good to level the playing field.

Truro Skate with a Champion was created by the Truro Figure Skating Club (TFSC) to give Atlantic Canadian skaters a chance to learn from the best, just like their peers from larger centres across the country. After a stellar inaugural event with Elizabeth Manley, Olympic Silver Medalist 1988, Nam Nguyen, World Junior Champion and Canadian National Champion, is headlining this year.  

“Atlantic Canadian skaters need these opportunities to skate with and learn from champions like Nam,” says Paul Morris, President of Truro Figure Skating Club (TFSC) and parent of a young figure skater. “It takes organizations like Patterson Law who understand and see it as their role to lead by example and support our efforts.”

In particular, Patterson Law is sponsoring Patterson Law Stomp the Rink, one of the off-ice development sessions that round out skaters’ on-ice lessons with Nguyen. This dance session covers the stomp or stepping dance genre. It’s all about creating rhythms by clapping, stomping and hitting parts of one’s body. According to Abena Amoako-Tuffour, the session’s leader, “Step requires unity, precision, a sense of rhythm and lots of expression.” And it’s a new experience for most of the skaters – a key feature of Truro Skate with a Champion.

Patterson Law is thrilled to support this event because it’s about bringing something new to our communities – leaving things better than we found them. And it’s about determination, which is something we understand well.

Please visit the event page to find out more about Truro Skate with a Champion: Nam Nguyen and what it’s doing for our region’s skaters.