How to get the most out of your Real Estate Lawyer

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Choosing a real estate lawyer can seem daunting. Here are some tips to help you choose a professional you will be satisfied with:

Be Referred

If you don’t already have a contact with a firm, one good way to find a reliable real estate lawyer is to ask your Realtor®. Lawyers are just one of the many professional contacts that Realtors® have. They have worked with many over the years and can tell you who worked well and who didn’t.

Be Selective

It’s always a good idea to make certain that your chosen lawyer devotes a large amount of his or her practice to real estate transactions. Don’t choose a person who just does the occasional one, or wants to give it a try. Real estate law is complex and specialized. You wouldn’t hire a psychiatrist to perform brain surgery. Just like every doctor can’t perform every specialty, not every lawyer can perform every transaction.

Be Local

Going local isn’t just for food! Hiring a real estate lawyer from your local community is also a great idea. They know the area and have local contacts who will also want to work with you. 

Be Upfront

Once you’ve chosen a lawyer that you think will be a good fit, ask them how your file will be handled. Get to know who else will be working on the file and whether you will meet with the lawyer on closing. A lawyer should be able answer your questions and you should feel comfortable asking them. You want buying or selling your home to be a pleasant experience.

Be Realistic

Not all real estate lawyers will charge the same amount, and there may be a good reason for that. If you prefer to actually converse and meet with the lawyer, and not just staff persons, you should expect to pay more.

For an important transaction, choosing the right real estate lawyer is key. Make certain you’re comfortable with your choice and that they have the experience and knowledge to properly handle your transaction.