Industry Fights Nova Scotia’s War on Vaping

The time for appeasement is over, says Michael Scott, the trial lawyer who filed a constitutional challenge to Nova Scotia’s arbitrary and pernicious vaping product laws.

Over the past year, Nova Scotia enacted new regulations that ban the sale of flavoured e-liquids and prohibit instore product testing. And most egregiously, the Liberal-led provincial government instituted a new vaping consumption tax that makes smoking more financially viable than vaping.

The legal challenge argues that Nova Scotia’s vaping restrictions infringe on the “right to security of the person” under Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and builds upon the precedents established in the Canadian Vaping Association’s victory against the Quebec provincial government (which the province is currently appealing.)

In this episode of RegWatch, trial lawyer Michael Scott discusses the specifics of the legal challenge and plaintiffs Ryan Landry and Bill MacEachern, co-owners of Cloud Factory Vape Shop in Nova Scotia, explain the devastating impact of the new regulations.

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Live Streamed: September 22, 2020
Produced by Brent Stafford
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