Patterson Law’s Family Law Team Grows

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Finding efficient and common-sense solutions in family law brings resolution to families faster. Patterson Law’s family law team welcomed Cassandra Armsworthy this September, a bright young lawyer who shares their problem-solving approach.

“Cassandra has a very keen mind and sees the details others often miss.  Sometimes these are the key points that can make or break a legal argument,” says Karen Killawee, group head for Patterson Law’s Family Law team. “Cassandra has a real interest in family law and we are lucky to have her joining our team.  She is not afraid of hard work and she shares our problem-solving approach. ”

Patterson Law’s family law group attempts to take a holistic view to the resolution of their clients’ family issues.  “The depth of our combined experience, the wide range of junior and senior lawyers we have, as well as the differing options for process that we can offer to our clients really allow us to customize the service being provide in each case”, says Karen.  “In family law, we would never suggest that there is an easy way through, and rarely a fast way through, however, it is important that we choose the best lawyer and the best process for each of our clients.”  With respect to process, Karen advises that there are many different methods of getting to resolution although they fall into three main categories.

Traditional litigation allows opposing parties to use the negotiation, settlement discussions and ultimately the court system to resolve disputes.  In a Collaborative model, the parties work together under the guidance of specially trained lawyers to find a solutions that are unique to their situation, without the threat of court hanging over their heads.  The process both enables and requires the parties to work through their issues and participate fully in the ultimate solutions. Patterson also offers mediation, in which the lawyer providing that service brings her experience in family law to the table and assists the parties in resolving issues themselves.  A mediator is neutral; not representing either party, but able to provide information and tools to hopefully get the parties to consensus.  

Patterson Law’s family law group is making its mark with its large representation of family lawyers and its multi-service offerings.  Two of our lawyers, Karen Killawee and Janice Beaton, QC, have been named in “Best Lawyers in Canada” in the Family Law category for the last two years.

Cassandra will round out the expertise of Patterson Law’s family law group. Her Masters of Law studies focussed on international family law and child protection. According to Karen, this is a unique and valuable asset for the firm. “Cross-border family issues can be particularly challenging from a legal perspective. Adding to our strengths in this area is a key advantage for our clients.”