Manufacturing and Distribution

Businesses involved in the manufacturing and distribution industry face a large array of legal issues.  Whether you are a small or medium-sized business developing a local product to be sold from home or a large multinational businesses based in Canada exporting around the world, our lawyers can provide valuable advice.  In providing any advice, our lawyers are informed of the unique industry issues faced including opportunities in technological innovation, global market pressures, industry regulation and protection of intellectual property. 

Combining the knowledge and experience of lawyers from across Patterson Law, we are able to advise on any issue faced including:

  • regulatory compliance including as it may relate to manufacturing, distribution, advertising, sales and export
  • research and development and technological advancements
  • protection of intellectual property including  branding, patents, trademarks, industrial design and trade secrets
  • licensing and commercialization
  • product warranty and liability
  • material and component procurement and relates contracts
  • manufacturing and supply agreements and other issues related to supply and distribution chains
  • tenders and requests for proposals
  • corporate structuring and restructuring
  • tax planning
  • purchases and sales, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • joint ventures, outsourcing and subcontracting
  • banking and financing
  • plant facilities including acquisitions, sales, and commercial leasing
  • environmental compliance
  • employment and labour matters
  • succession planning
  • wills and estate planning
  • management of disputes including mediation, arbitration and litigation of disputes