Co-operative Law

At Patterson Law, we recognize that co-ops are different. Co-ops are governed by unique legislation and guided by the democratic principle. Co-ops have priorities and meet challenges that are different from the broader private sector. Co-ops provide a different way for people with common goals to work together.

The lawyers in our Co-operative Law Practice Group have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the co-op sector and the legal issues unique to co-ops as a result of their years of service to co-ops large and small, including as legal counsel to the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council.

Patterson Law has helped co-operative organizations navigate through various legal matters including advising on governance matters, by-law updates, sales and acquisitions, amalgamations, dissolution/wind-up and operational matters including providing advice regarding contracts, reorganizations, investments by third parties, joint ventures and employment matters.

Whether your co-op is an employee, consumer, housing or supplier co-operative, a buying group, a Community Economic Development Investment Fund, or a co-operative for a particular purpose (such as for a community utility or a commonly owned property) it can benefit from the comprehensive, holistic advice of the Patterson Co-operative Law Practice Group.